Cardell and Linn Smith have spent years coaching themselves and others to live in the 'Now', in joy, peace and harmony. For a pictorial history, see their Photo Gallery. With the miraculous discoveries today in quantum physics and the resurfacing of ancient wisdom, Cardell and Linn have created a unique series of processes called Quantum Life Changes. These processes are highly effective and fast, and help people to create their desired outcome. They are currently working on a book outlining their discoveries. You will find many of the processes on their Processes Page.

They have compiled resources on this site that have helped them immensely in their journey and their desire is that it helps others to discover answers on their own.

There is not one path, but many. Study the masters and find your true path!

Linn Vermilion Smith understands, practices and lives the Quantum Life Changes processes with precision and insight, and is able to impart that in a gentle and loving way. She has a specific passion and emphasis on creating vibrant health.

Married to Cardell for 15 years, she has co-facilitated hundreds of seminars and trainings with him, and assisted in the creation and founding of Quantum Life Changes™. She is a certified Quantum Life Changes Coach, and works with Cardell in facilitating all of their retreats.

Linn is also a published writer. She writes all of the manuals for the trainings, has written two books and is working on another with Cardell about their processes and the retreats.

Linn spent many of her early years traveling the world as a professional singer and sound engineer. She creates the music and meditation exercises used in the training. One in particular provides an opportunity to balance the energy of the seven chakras, or seals, and create a more powerful connection with Inner Being. Others include incredible mind journeys toward closer union with Source and into the Quantum Field for a unique creation process.

Linn is also a Certified Webmaster and builds all of the websites for their business.

Cardell has been called The Master Illuminator, The Quantum Mind Coach, Master Coach and many other titles by his students. As co-creator and developer of the Quantum Life Changes processes and system, he is rightly called The Quantum Mind Coach.

He has dedicated a lifetime to learning how people create the results they do, and coaching them to live the results in life that they want. Every person is different, and Cardell has the unique ability to connect with the Inner Being of his student and allow them to guide him toward the perfect solution and process for them.

Cardell Smith has been a personal empowerment coach for over 30 years. He has given more than 1000 retreats and seminars worldwide and has personally coached thousands of people. He is a Master with NLP, Time Line and behavioral change technology. In addition, he has over 15 years experience in couple's coaching, including working with Harville Hendricks, author of best selling book, 'Getting the Love You Want.'

Cardell coaches people how to apply the Quantum Field and the Law of Attraction to create exactly what they want in their life. Many people read and study about these things, but practical application eludes them. These daily processes help people to successfully apply universal laws to create the life of their dreams.


Linn has completed two books in the series, The 2012 Chronicles. These books are channeled directly from Source and are written as a fantasy series so as to reach a wider audience about the importance of preparing ourselves vibrationally for the major changes taking place with humanity and on our planet in the coming years. Linn provides a very different view of the year 2012 than the 'doomsday' predictions that many others are focused upon.

 ▪ The 2012 Chronicles, Volume 1 - To the One World

 ▪ The 2012 Chronicles, Volume 2 - Myca's Quest

Books are available for download on our Free Resources Page or you can buy hard copies at

Cardell and Linn are currently working on a book together that outlines all of their unique processes. It is presented in a story form about their retreat experiences, life changing, (and some humorous) situations with clients. The book includes a comprehensive workbook in the back for readers to learn the processes and use them. It will be completed soon.


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