Abraham, a group of non-physical entities dedicated to helping humankind, speaks through Esther Hicks, and the teachings (referred to as Abraham–Hicks teachings) are based on this experience. Jerry Hicks is Esther's partner and husband, and his influence in her life is a large part of why she began channeling. His inquisitive mind sought out the answers to many questions that Abraham responded to, and still does.

The basic tenets of the teachings include that we create our own reality through our thoughts, that our emotions are constantly guiding us toward where we want to go, that this is a vibrational universe and we are vibrational beings and that life is supposed to be fun. The essence of Abraham–Hicks' teachings since 1986 has been focused upon the Law of Attraction. The movie The Secret was originally based upon the teachings of Abraham, although Esther and Jerry Hicks pulled out of the movie because of a difference of opinion with the movie's producers.

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