Thoughts: Appreciation is as close to pure love as you can experience, and choosing to live life in a dominant state of appreciation will help keep you closely connected to Inner Being and Source Energy. Consciously choosing to direct thoughts toward things to appreciate will cause the floodgates of abundance to open and flow to and through your life. Everyone can find something to appreciate, whether it be about something in your life, or something as simple as a flower blooming. It does not matter what the object or thought of appreciation is about, any thoughts and feelings of appreciation about any subject will cause the universe to offer up more to appreciate. It is the vibration of appreciation that the universe responds to, so feel it, feel it, feel it.


We spend most of our time in a dominant state of appreciation. Our students call Linn "The Queen of Appreciation." She is constantly looking around in her world and appreciating what she sees. We would all do well to follow her example, continually looking around us and focusing on things to appreciate.


We typically follow our morning walks and The New Story with a few minutes of talking about what we appreciate. We ask each other, "What do you appreciate today?" Then each takes a few minutes to speak it out loud. What a great way to start the day! If you will take a few minutes each and every morning to acknowledge what you appreciate about your life, more and more to appreciate will flow into your life.

Appreciation vs. Gratitude - It is important to note that, typically, the word appreciation is much more powerful than the word gratitude. Being grateful is usually to something outside oneself and that gives the power away. Appreciating originates from within and acknowledges one’s divine origins while extending love outward.

The Process - Appreciation: Take some time every single day to appreciate and life will flow easier. Here is an example of a ‘Rampage of Appreciation’, as Abraham calls it.

“I love being alive. I so appreciate the roof over my head and having food to eat. Just look at those beautiful clouds overhead, I feel so connected to them and love the way the wind blows them around. I love the feeling of the wind on my face and the smells it brings to me. The pine trees smell so good (or flowers, or salt air, or newly mowed grass, or whatever.) I appreciate having this car so I can drive where I want to go. These freeways are great, they move the traffic around and I am in such appreciation for them. I love living in a country that is free and I so appreciate that freedom. I appreciate my dog (or cat, or rabbit, etc.) and the unconditional love it gives me. I intend to look for what I want to see, which is more and more to appreciate.”

Ask yourself these questions:

• What am I happy about in my life now? What am I excited about in my life now?
• What am I proud about in my life now? What do I appreciate about my life now?
• What am I enjoying most in my life right now? What am I committed to in my life right now?
• Who do I love? Who loves me? How do these make me feel?

This rampage could go on and on. The point is to find anything possible to appreciate. Do it every day and your life will become richer and more blessed than you can imagine.

Thoughts about Appreciation

The Process - Appreciation

"Learning the process of appreciating what is around me has changed my life. My family and friends can't believe the difference in me. Before spending time with Cardell and Linn, I was always trying to change everyone around me to please me. Now, I am amazed that they don't need to change, because I focus on what I love about them. " Marissa E., Consultant - Seattle


"When Linn demonstrated her 'Rampage of Appreciation,' it took my breath away. I thought she would vibrate off the planet. What it did for me was teach me that I can change my life by looking for what I like about my life and in doing that, my life is improving, getting better all the time. I found a wonderful woman who sees the best in me.  Thanks so much to you Linn, and to Cardell for setting such great examples of how to be happy. Now, I really am!"

Ron J., Dentist, Italy


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