About the Daily Mantra

Thoughts: The Mantra is taken almost word for word from the teachings of Abraham. We use it before The New Story every morning. We also use it any time during our day or night when we need to refocus and put our attention on the positive. How many times have you awakened during the night with your mind racing? This mantra can help you get back to sleep, by helping to focus your thoughts on something more positive.

How to use this mantra memorize this as quickly as possible. Use it for these occasions:

  • When you wake up, while you are still in bed. It starts your day out on the right path

  • When challenges appear, draw from your memory a line that is appropriate to help

  • Before you start your morning processes it gets you focused

  • Any time you feel disconnected, it helps reconnect you

The Mantra

"Today, no matter where I'm going, or what I'm doing, or who I'm doing it with - nothing is more important than that I feel good.

Today, I will look for what I want to see.

I am the creator of my own reality.

Right now, I will reach for the best feeling thought that I have access to.

Thought by thought, and feeling by feeling, I will focus the vibrations of my mind into alignment with my inner being.

I will feel for the true vibrational essence of my being, and I will guide my every thought into alignment, for that is the true meaning of a balancing of energy."

So be it!

Esther and Jerry Hicks, from the teachings of Abraham

About the Daily Mantra

The Process - The Mantra

"This retreat was a miracle for me, especially the Daily Mantra. You can't believe how it has helped me see the world in a different way! I expect the best, taste, hear, see, smell and feel it - I am it. Thank you for helping me to see who I really am."
Cassandra. B. - Retired - TN


"Cardell and Linn, you have a unique way of creating a space that is safe and loving while being focused 24-7. May all that you give return ten-fold. I now live in peace, joy, and appreciation, and the Daily Mantra is never far from my mind. I rely on it every day."
Beverly P. - Hypnotherapist, MA


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