The Energy Balancing Meditation

Thoughts: Every single Master we have studied with purports the massive benefits of meditation to quiet the mind and connect with Inner Being and Source. We first began meditating about 10 years ago, through the guidance of Wayne Dyer, and cannot imagine not meditating. We practice meditation almost every day.

The Energy Balancing Meditation was Linn's first experience with channeling, although at the time of it's inception she did not understand what was happening. She kept getting messages during her meditations that she was to create a new meditation, combining other processes she had learned through intensive training and research. She was led to the particular Master's she was to study with and instructed to create a combination of them all, using vibrational sounds to work up the body from the first seal, or chakra to the seventh seal, or crown chakra, clearing the negative energy stored within the body and allowing it to dissipate.

Consistent negative thoughts and feelings can bind up in any of our energy centers, or chakras, causing a variety of illnesses and diseases in the body and mind. Allowing the chakras to open, through this meditation, releases the negative energy and balances the chakras so that your whole system runs more smoothly and you experience better health in body and mind.

The seven main energy centers in the body consist of and deal with:

First Chakra - Safety in the World, Material Security, Survival Instincts
Second Chakra - Control of Environment, Creativity, Sexuality, Procreation
Third Chakra - Power, Introversion or Extroversion, Self Esteem
Fourth Chakra - Love, Beginning of Self Realization, Feelings
Fifth Chakra Wisdom, Connection to Inner Being, Personal Expression
Sixth Chakra - Self-realization, Intuition, Dreams, Imagination, Third Eye
Seventh Chakra - God-realization, Enlightenment, Link to Quantum Field

This mediation focuses upon sound, and a different sound is associated with each energy center. You may want to print this information. The instructions you will download with the meditation also goes through each sound with you, helping you to learn them.

Energy Balancing Meditation Sounds

1. Lahm - First Chakra/Seal
2. Vahm Second Chakra/Seal
3. Rahm Third Chakra/Seal
4. Yahm Fourth Chakra/Seal
5. Hahm Fifth Chakra/Seal
6. Ka-Sham Sixth Chakra/Seal
7. Ohm Seventh Chakra/Seal

About the Meditation

The Process - The Meditation



"I found Cardell and Linn while searching for "meditation retreats in Hawaii". Cardell and Linn's energy lifted me to new heights and brought me to a place of inner peace and wholeness. The meditation they teach is unlike anything I have ever experienced, and is so effective in keeping me balanced, it is remarkable!" Heidi B.,

Entrepreneur - Los Angeles, CA



"When I first did the Energy Balancing Meditation, I had an incredible experience. It was the first time I ever connected with my true Inner Being, and it brought me to a place of  peace and tranquility and such absolute joy I can't describe it. I will use this meditation forever."
Janice D. - Teacher,
Alberta, CA

The Energy Balancing Meditation is available for free download on our Free Resources page.  There are three versions, and a short instructional file. The long version is to be used exclusively for at least two weeks, and then you may begin to alternate the longer version with the ten minute mediation or the versatile two minute version.


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