James Gilliland is an author, teacher, ufologist, spiritual counselor, energetic healer, and the founder of the Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) organization. He studied 6 years of Yoga, received The Teaching of the Inner Christ certificate and the Rigdzin Norbu (Jewel of Pure Awareness) certificate. James has extensive documentation of the appearance of Spiritual Masters and Inter-Dimensional Beings as well. His ranch, Sattva Sanctuary, outside of Trout Lake, WA is the center of many UFO sightings witnessed and filmed by thousands of visitors every year. He is the focus of a movie, Contact Has Begun, filmed at his ranch.

James was a student of Ramtha's, as we were, although at different times. We were introduced to his work by a friend, and two weeks later we were pleased to find out he would be giving a workshop at a yurt near our Retreat Home on Kauai. When we walked in, we felt each others energy instantly, and gravitated toward each other. He is a marvelous example of a being of pure love and light. He is striving to open the minds of humankind to the presence of ETs among us who are here to help during this time of great transition for humankind. To read more, Click Here

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