John Hagelin, Ph.D., featured in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know, is a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, author, and public policy expert. Dr. Hagelin has conducted pioneering research at CERN (the European Center for Particle Physics) and SLAC (the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) and is responsible for the development of a highly successful grand unified field theory based on the Superstring. In his book, Manual for a Perfect Government, Dr. Hagelin shows how, through educational programs that develop human consciousness, and through policies and programs that effectively harness the laws of nature, it is possible to solve acute social problems and enhance governmental effectiveness.

Dr. Hagelin holds an A.B. summa cum laude from Dartmouth College and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University. He is currently Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. To read more about Dr. Hagelin, Click Here


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