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The 2012 Chronicles: To The One World and The 2012 Chronicles: Myca's Quest (Volume 2)

The 2012 Chronicles: Volume 1

To the One World

by Linn Vermilion Smith


When Rachel, Myca and their friends are transported to a utopian planet called One World along with over a million others of high vibration, Rachel discovers it is a twin planet to Earth, which is called Dark Planet. Here on One World, Rachel finds that teleportation is the only form of transportation other than walking, remote viewing and telepathy are the norm, everyone lives in joy and abundance, and society is learning instant creation in the Quantum Field. Numerous colleges are set up to teach the newcomers from Dark Planet the ways of One World. Here on One World, animals are revered as entities that have a deep connection to Source Energy, and they communicate with Rachel in her job as an Animal Interpreter. Back on Dark Planet, destruction and chaos abound as the Earth is overrun by dark energy and nears its end.  To the One World is an enchanting fantasy about the importance of choosing to live in joy and high vibrations every day, in preparation for the "Awakening."


The 2012 Chronicles: Volume 2

Myca's Quest

by Linn Vermilion Smith


It is now 2015, and Myca has become a Master Emissary whose assignment is to journey back to Dark Planet (Earth) to help the remaining populations raise their consciousness levels and thus their vibrations so that they may also transcend to One World. Joining her in this epic mission are Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), Buddha, John Lennon, and many others. The emissaries use teleportation, time manipulation, music, telepathy, and other miraculous works to impress the teachings into the minds and hearts of the entities still living on Dark Planet, which is plagued with climatic disasters, terrorism and chaos, and is rapidly coming to its end. Myca’s Quest is a fantasy that teaches the importance of living in love and joy every day and delivers a message of hope to people concerned about what the "Great Shift" brings.

 Series Introduction

How did all of this come about?


My husband and I have been on a very spiritual path for many years. It was a natural part of our evolution to land on one of the most spiritual islands in the world, Kauai. She beckoned us here for a year before we made the move in June of 2007. We rented a magnificent retreat center and prepared for a new adventure, Quantum Hawaiian Retreats. Blending Quantum Physics, ancient wisdom and teachings, NLP and the amazing processes we had been perfecting for the past five years, we created a workshop designed to guide our guests to discover places deep within that had long ago been forgotten.

About a week after we moved in, I began to see ancient Hawaiians in my meditations. This was not a huge shock to me, after hearing many stories from locals about ‘night-walkers’ causing wrecks on the highway as they marched to the beach. As I would get into my quiet space of no thought, they appeared to me, one at a time, in full regalia. Their head dresses, elaborate necklaces and stern faces did not frighten me, for I fear nothing and they were passive. Usually a dozen or more passed through my mind’s eye. They were always men and always warriors. I did not know what they wanted, but I decided they were greeting us and welcoming us to the island. It was comforting for me to know they were among us in our new home.

They continued the visitations for about three weeks, and then abruptly disappeared. After a few days, I called for them during my meditation. To my surprise, a new group of visitors appeared. The first face I saw was a beautiful woman who smiled and nodded at me. A parade of male and female faces faded in and out. Some were translucent, some very vivid.

This friendly group of entities came during my daily meditation for a few months before they tried to communicate with me. They began to extend their hands, as if beseeching me. Some moved their mouths as if to speak, but I could not hear them. This attempt at communication went on for several more months.

Please understand; I am not delusional. I am a very grounded and rational person. These visitations struck me as odd, but I was not particularly interested in taking it any farther than it had already gone.

My husband Cardell, on the other hand, wanted me to ask them questions to see if they would answer. Because we are students of Abraham and Ramtha, he was excited about the prospect of a ‘channeling’ experience, of which I wanted no part. He ordered several channeling books - which I did not read.

I suppose you could call me a ‘reluctant channel’. While I have the utmost respect and admiration for Esther Hicks and Jane Roberts for their selfless acts of living their lives to channel from the non-physical, I had no desire to do this.


In March of 2008, my visitors were becoming a bit aggressive in their efforts to communicate and their thoughts began to drift into mine. They told me they had a message. I declined. I informed them that while I enjoyed their presence, I was the wrong person for this message. Still they came.


One day, after Cardell again pleaded with me to let them speak, I gave in. When they came, I asked them, “What do you want from me?” They conveyed to me immediately, “We want you to write books.”


“Is that all?” I answered. “I can do that. I love to write.”

They also made it known that they chose me because I am spiritual and open to the concept of channeling, have good writing skills, and have traveled all over the world. My habit of immersing myself into the culture everywhere I have traveled lends itself well to this series of books. “Most of all,” they said, “you live in a dominant state of love and appreciation, which allows for an easy connection to do the work. You are a conduit - a vessel.”

They laid out their plan to me in a block of information using visions, thoughts and touching my intuition through vibrations. I am to write a series of books called The 2012 Chronicles. (The books were originally to be called "The Awakening" but my editors convinced me to change the name.) It is to be written as fantasy novels so as to reach a wide audience. The message is to teach people to live in the higher vibrations of joy and peace. Best of all, the books are to be entertaining.

They instructed me to go to the beach and get into a relaxed state. When I am ready, I invite them to come. As I sit and write, information comes so fast I can barely keep up with it, scribbling as fast as I can. In this process, there is no such thing as writer’s block. Hours go by in minutes when I am getting a download.

Now, for any of you who do not believe in channeling, you may choose to assume that I just have a very lively imagination and am a talented writer. I am cool with that. Think of it like this; I get into a calm state and then inspiration hits me, like a composer or a painter is inspired. The words pour out of me as I connect with Source Energy, (God, Universal Spirit, or whatever you prefer.)

I released the first book in this series, To the One World, in August of 2008. Book 2, Myca's Quest, was released in April of 2009. I am now out of the country on hiatus to complete the third book in the trilogy, and write a book with my husband Cardell about our work together in the retreats.


These books are written to be entertaining, but also to deliver an important message to the people of planet Earth, also known in my series as Dark Planet. Writing this series is an exciting adventure for me!

With Great Love - Linn Vermilion Smith


Linn Vermilion Smith is a writer, spiritual teacher and channel who conducts retreats and seminars with her husband, Cardell Smith. She seeks to empower others to realize the divine within themselves.

She was selected to channel this series of books in 2008 and has dedicated her life to getting the message out to the world.

Linn lives in Cuenca, Ecuador and is currently working on the third book in the trilogy and a book with her husband.



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