The New Story

Thoughts: The New Story is about creating what you want in your life, in the Now and for the future. It is all about the story you tell. You have no idea how many people come to our retreats talking about everything that isn't working in their lives, over and over and over, and again over, and don't understand why they don't attract anything better. They have no idea that what they focus upon is exactly what they are getting. They are attracting more of the old story every day.

This is a vibrational universe, and we are vibrational beings. Whatever we are vibrating, we are attracting. It is really that simple, and when a person finally gets it, REALLY GETS IT, everything changes. Life becomes magic, and stress melts away. Everything seems to go easier and one wonders why we ever made it so hard in the first place.

We have been practicing the process 'The New Story' for many years. While we were at Ramtha's school, he had a process called "The Neighborhood Walk', which was similar. One thing we noticed though, is that for most people it did not make many changes. Louise Hay teaches using affirmations every day. This doesn't work for many people either, because unless the person actually believes the affirmation wholeheartedly, they are usually vibrating lack associated with what they wish to attract.

The New Story worked beautifully for us, because we have very strong belief in it and it worked so well, our lives changed dramatically. But our students struggled with it. We knew we needed something else, something that would help our clients get over the believability factor and actually begin vibrating positively about their desires.

When we read Michael Losier's book, "The Law of Attraction, we found the key that opened the door to helping others have success with the New Story as we have. He added a component called Bridge Statements. We took his idea, and expounded upon it, adding many of our own to it. Suddenly, our clients began to have the same success. Many of them had HUGE success stories. This process has changed the lives hundreds of our students and we are very happy to share it with you.

Another Note: We were very pleased when, a couple of years ago, Abraham began talking about a New Story. We like to think that our thoughts went out into the universal thought pool and Abraham picked it up. LOL! We have done this process for many years. It doesn't matter how it got out there, just that it did, and is helping people. For that we are thrilled.

Read the process and follow the instruction with an open mind. We do this everyday of our lives and we ask that you do too. You can find the time - fit it into your daily schedule  Give it a couple of months and you'll see huge changes. We promise you that.

Thoughts about the New Story

The Process - The New Story


"Cardell and Linn, thank you for this amazing experience. I am leaving with the processes and tools to live in the 'now' every day and to consistently and deliberately create. The New Story is a daily part of my life and I have you to thank for that." Gil C, Financial Consultant - Denver


"Cardell and Linn, with your process, The New Story,  I feel free for the first time in my life. Keep up the good work you are doing. You are a light to the world." Michael B., Psychic Healer, Hawaii

The New Story

(This process is taken directly from our training manual, modified only to fit this website.

We invite you to print this information, especially the worksheet)

What is the story you tell? Do you tell your story to others or go over it in your head? I can’t do this… I never have enough… I should do this… I am not good enough… Everyone is always out to get me…

Take the time, for your awareness, to think about the negative things you say to yourself and others about your life and circumstances. Once you realize what you are doing every day, you can begin to change your language and thoughts, to attract what you want.

After you write them and review, cross them out, for they need not be in your experience any more, and you do not want them. Or, if you do want them, no problem. Just keep talking about them, thinking about them and feeling bad about them. Guess what?
They will still be there six months from now. You can be sure of that.


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It is time to change the story of your life!
It is the consistent thoughts we think and the feelings we have every day, all day long, that creates our reality. Learning to live in the NOW and mindfully choosing our consistent thoughts and feelings will attract to us what we want.

What do you want? Begin a list of what you would like to have in your life. More money, a better job? Joy and love? Peace? A better family life, connection with higher self? Start a list of wants below.

What I Want – My List

1 5
2 6
3 7
4 8

Writing Your New Story

Creating your new life, your new story, is not just about affirmations. Affirmations are great, but if they are not believable to you then the feeling associated with the affirmations are those of lack.

I am wealthy! This is a positive affirmation. You can say it all day long until you grow weary of it, but if you aren’t actually wealthy right now, you are probably feeling lack associated with that affirmation. (I can’t pay my bills, I don’t have enough for my rent, I need a new car, etc., etc.) The words you say do not mean a thing if the feelings you are putting out there are in lack. It is your FEELINGS that attract, not your words.

Bridge Statements

Bridge statements turn affirmations into a personally believable new story of your life that will attract more of what you want. Remember, it is the feeling associated with the words that attracts. If you are thinking about money, and you are using statements that are positive and believable to you, then your money situation will improve. It is a Universal Law.

So, if you want money, try using “I am excited about the possibility of having plenty of money in my life!” Isn’t this true? Does the possibility of having more money excite you? If it does, then this is true for you, and you are sending out positive vibrations about money. Yes!! It really is that simple. Do this every day, and your life will change.

High Vibe Bridge Statements

I am in the process of….
I am reaching for a better feeling thought about...
I’ve decided…
I do know I can change….
More and more, I’m…
I love the feeling of allowing…
I like how it feels when…
I am reaching for a feeling of relief that…
It excites me…
I like feeling calm about…
I’m expecting better…
I’m beginning to understand that…
I love the idea of…

          Time to Write a New Story

Select one area (ONE AREA ONLY – we will get to the rest later) of your life from your What I Want list and write a new story about it. Make it believable to you, using bridge statements. Think about the feelings you have associated with the statements. Make it about TODAY – you only have right now. What you do TODAY affects what you attract!

Step 1: Begin with your Announcement. Here are examples of announcement statements. Use what fits for you, or come up with your own.

I am (your name here) - I am a spark of the Divine - I am connected to All That Is - I am a child of God - I am a child of the Universe – I AM THAT, I AM – I am taking this time to create my ideal day – I am affecting the Quantum Field into the reality that I desire.

Step 2: My Story – What you want. Use a Bridge Statement in every sentence. It must be believable; it must make you feel good to say it. Say it to yourself. Does it make you feel good? If not, you need to write it again, until it makes you feel good to think about it and say it.  See the examples below, and borrow from them if you need to while you are learning this process. After a few weeks, you will not need to, it will become easy for you.

Step 3: Closing statement – Here are examples of closing statements. Use one or more that work for you, or come up with your own.

May today’s experiences show up in an unusual way so that I know I created it – I AM THAT, I AM – I offer this prayer to the Universe in appreciation for what I have – May my life be blessed, and the lives of those I connect with today.

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"I am John Brown and I am a spark of the Divine. Today, I am taking the time to create a wonderful day. Today, I am in the process of learning to experience joy and appreciation every day. More and more, I am taking the time to see the beauty around me and enjoy it.

I love the idea that I am in the process of having more money in my life. TODAY, I am excited to know that I am beginning to attract more money. As I see others with wealth, I love knowing that there is plenty in the Universe for all of us. More and more, I see abundance around me and appreciate that abundance. I love the idea that with plenty of money I can have anything I want. I appreciate what I have in my life NOW, and I am in the process of attracting more.

May these statements bless my life and bring into my life that which I desire, in an unusual way, so that I know I created it myself. I AM THAT, I AM."

"I am a child of the universe, and I am creating my day today to affect the Quantum Field into the reality that I desire. TODAY, I am excited to know I am in the process of learning to appreciate everything around me. I love the idea of feeling better every day.

It excites me to know that my ideal man is out there, waiting for me to attract him. My ideal man is loving and supportive, and I have decided to allow him into my life when he wants to come. More and more, I am feeling better about myself, and I love knowing that as I do, others will too. To me, this means when I meet my perfect partner, he will recognize that in me and be attracted to it.

I say this prayer to the Universe in faith and love, knowing I am in the process of allowing my life to be warmer and richer every day. Today, I will look for that which I am wanting to see."

Work Sheet

My New StoryAbout One Topic  ____________________ (Select ONE topic from your What I Want list)

Step 1: Announcement/Opening Statement –




Step 2: My Story –







Step 3: Closing Statement -



Use the Bridge Statements in every single sentence of the story.

I am in the process of…       I am reaching for a better feeling thought about…
I’ve decided…       I do know I can change….
More and more, I’m…     I love the feeling of allowing…
I like how it feels when…      I am reaching for a feeling of relief that…
It excites me…       I like feeling calm about…
I’m expecting better…       I’m beginning to understand that…
I love the idea of…      It’s nice to think about…

A note about the bridge statements: We, Cardell and Linn, seldom use these bridge statements. We have been doing the Story for many years and had remarkable results in our lives and with clients. Our believability factor is very high. You will need them for several months, and then you can begin to change your stories into more affirmations and less bridge statements. When you feel the need, use them again. We do occasionally.


How does this make you feel? Read it aloud. If it feels good to you, this is a great new story!

Rate it on a scale, 1 being the lowest, 10 the highest. If it doesn’t rate at least a 7, then your vibrations are not high enough. Start over and write something that feels good to you, that you can rate at least a 7.


This is only the start. Your story is ever-changing. Your life is a journey, and your story changes as your life changes. It evolves and grows, as you do. This is a template for writing a new story for every area of your life, for living in the NOW, for creating a magnificent day, every day.


We encourage our students to write out their stories on 5 by 7 note cards and take them out into nature to read them aloud or to themselves every morning. We go for a walk by the river and practice our stories. When we don't have time to walk, we do them while we are drinking our coffee, taking a shower, driving to an appointment or whatever our early morning activities may be. Make this a part of your morning EVERY day. You will begin to see your days becoming better and better. You will most definitely begin attracting your desires and your life will make dramatic changes. We promise you this. It is universal law.

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