Richard Hoagland, winner of the Ig Nobel Prize (the American version of the Nobel Prize) served as a curator of astronomy & space science at the Springfield Science Museum and was a consultant to CBS News during the Apollo program. Hoagland appears regularly as a Science Adviser on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

Hoagland operates a website, Enterprise Mission, which he terms "an independent NASA watchdog and research group attempting to figure out how much of what NASA has found in the solar system over the past 50 years has actually been silently filed out of sight as classified material".

In December 2007, Project Camelot released a 3-part - 3 hour interview with Hoagland where he talks about "the secret history of NASA", he shows lunar images and elaborates on his documentation about the moon, and he talks about a variety of topics such as "hyperdimensional physics", ancient monuments, the Vatican, consciousness, and the year 2012.

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