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Thoughts: Many trainings do a section on Values; this is nothing new. We have presented whole seminars on Values and Beliefs. For our purposes here, we are going to keep it very simple, creating a hierarchy of 'moving toward' values and writing a New Story based upon those values. This is how we do it in our Retreats and we find it to be very effective. Most people like their New Story about their values best of all.

Why is it important to work on values? If you want to attract different things into your life, it is easy to do with values. Values can be changed much more easily than beliefs. As you make shifts in your values, the beliefs you have associated with those values move right along with them. (We have a whole other section on beliefs.)

Let's say you are a stay-at-home kind of person and wish you had more adventure in your life. When you put adventure on your values list and start focusing on it, more adventure shows up. Pretty simple really.

If you have never done any values work, we have provided a short preview. What people want determines their values:

• What you love, treasure, hold dear and want most
• What you place importance upon
• The driving force and motivation in your life
• Values are global and generalized for every issue in your life
• They will move you toward and away from – pain or pleasure
• They are how you decide whether your actions are good or bad, right or wrong

Examples of Values



Good Relationships
































Positive Attitude


About Your Values

The Process - Values


"I actually attended one of Cardell and Linn's Values and Beliefs workshops in Florida a few years ago, so when I came to the retreat I was prepared for this process. What I loved about it though, is writing a New Story about it. Very powerful." Michelle T. - Nurse - Atlanta, GA


"What I can tell you is that putting Love on my list of values attracted it to me. Now, I want to bring Julie to a retreat with Linn and Cardell."

Larry A. - Fort Worth, TX



Worksheets - Print and Fill in

My Hierarchy Of Values

Step One

Fill in your top 15 values. What do you love?
What do you value most in your life?

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

• _______________________________

Step 2

Pick your top five, writing next to the values. Rate the top one with a number 1, rate the second with a number 2, rate the third with a number 3, the fourth with a number 4 and the fifth with a number 5.


Step 3

Fill in your prioritized list of top five values

1. ______________________________

2. ______________________________

3. ______________________________

4. ______________________________

5. ______________________________





Write Your New Story Using Your Hierarchy of Values
Be sure to use the Bridge Statements

High Vibe Bridge Statements

I am in the process of….  I am reaching for a better feeling thought about...  I’ve decided…
I do know I can change….  More and more, I’m…  I love the feeling of allowing…
I like how it feels when…  I am reaching for a feeling of relief that…  It excites me…
I like feeling calm about…  I’m expecting better…  I’m beginning to understand that…  I love the idea of…





















Examples of Stories Based Upon Values - Use to help YOU come up with a great New Story

This Person's Top Five Values

1. Love
2. Connectedness
3. Passion
4. Abundance
5. Peace

Bridge Statements are italicized in this

example and Values are bolded.


This Person's New Story

Opening Statement: I am Melissa, the Goddess of my being and the creator of my own reality.

Story: Today, I am in the process of experiencing love more and more and people around me notice it wherever I go. More and more, I am feeling a sense of connectedness with everything around me, and that excites me and helps me to discover that feeling of passion within me. I love thinking about the unlimited amount of abundance in the world and I am in the process of attracting abundance into my life. I have decided to allow peace to flow and more and more I experience a feeling of peace.

Closing Statement: I say this in faith and appreciation. Today, I will look for that which I am wanting to see. So be it.

This Person's Top Five Values

1. Joy
2. Prosperity (money)
3. Love
4. Family
5. Adventure

Bridge Statements are italicized in this

example and Values are bolded.


This Person's New Story

Opening Statement: I am Mike and I am the creator of my own reality and a spark of the divine universal energy that is God

Story: Today, I have decided that I will experience joy more and more. It excites me to know that I am in the process of attracting prosperity into my life and I love thinking about more money on its way to me. All around me, more and more I see and feel love, and that gives me such a positive feeling and it excites me to think that my ideal partner will be attracted to me when we meet because of how I am vibrating. I love the idea that my family relationships are getting better and better. I am in the process of experiencing more adventure and today it excites me to know there is an adventure waiting for me and I like knowing I can enjoy it and I created it.

Closing Statement: May today’s experiences show up in an unusual and exciting way so I know I created it myself. So be it.

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