Quantum Life Changes Workshops are typically two and a half days, beginning Friday evening and lasting through Sunday. Private Retreats are by referral only.

The unique processes taught in the workshops and retreats are a blend of Quantum Physics, NLP (the study of human behavior) and Universal Laws in simple day to day applications that access a ZONE of unlimited possibilities.

Cardell and Linn Smith focus on helping you to create over-all well-being, and send you home with a toolbox full of processes that, when applied daily, can change your life. You can learn to live in joy and abundance in all areas of your life, with practice. The main things they want everyone who attends their trainings to go home with are:

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  • The ability to master the art of 'Directing Thought and Emotion' to think and feel the way you want to most of the time

  • Connect with your Inner Being and Source Energy

  • How to live predominantly in the NOW

  • Preparation for the 2012 era, which provides a unique opportunity for positive personal growth in this exciting and changing time

  • Raise vibrational frequency, which allows for an overall sense of peace and joy and attracts more of what you want

  • Dissolve negative emotion, like fear, anxiety, anger and doubt and learn to live in a dominant state of well-being everyday

  • Re-write the Neuro-scripts in your brain to support the life you are creating, which changes the neurotransmitters (chemicals)

  • Learn to successfully apply universal laws in your daily life with a simple model so easy to use that a 3 year old child can do it

  • Unique meditations and mind journeys (guided imagery) that balance your energy and clear the chakras (aka: seals or energy centers) of stored negativity, and meditations that keep them clear and open. The meditations focus on using sound frequencies that affect the different chakras.

The neurotransmitters in your brain, and the negative vibrations you emote unconsciously on a daily basis are running your life, until you become aware.

The processes taught, called Quantum Life Changes, are leading edge life-changing processes. They were developed and perfected by Cardell and Linn, after years of research, application and study. Cardell and Linn have used them in their own lives, and taught them to thousands of their clients who have applied them in their own lives with great success. When used daily, they can dramatically raise your vibrational frequency, allowing you to receive more of what you desire, preparing you for a new awakening.

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